The estate is a community with shared faciltiies, so we have established rules and regulations to ensure that everyone can enjoy them to the full. Please familiarise yourself with these to prevent possible misunderstandings.

Residents Handbook and Policies

Click here to download general information for residents on how the estate is run.

The board has establised a policy for maintaining trees around the estate. You can read this here.

Building alterations

Owners wishing to make any alterations to their flats must follow the alterations policy, laid out in this document.

Owners replacing their boiler must follow the the Boiler Flue Requirements.

Estate Facilities

There are two gyms on site, available to residents after an initial familiarisation session. Please contact security for details.


All the latest news about Richmond Bridge Estate can be found by logging onto our secure residents pages.

You will need your username and password, so if you have mislaid either or both please email:


Garden Photos
Please enjoy some of our garden photos by clicking on this link

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